TADA rides on Aleta Planet’s UnionPay solution and promotions to drive customer growth

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When TADA first entered the ride-hailing space in Singapore in 2018, its primary focus was on the acquisition of drivers to ensure that it had a healthy supply on its ride-hailing app. Accepting a wide range of payment methods and providing customers with more options was not a key consideration in these early stages of growth.
Over the past year, TADA’s customer base grew by 65% and as their ride-hailing service grew larger, TADA began to direct efforts towards improving the user experience. Through its customer engagement channels, it had gathered feedback from many customers requesting for TADA to accept their preferred payment methods, in particular UnionPay.
TADA partnered with Aleta Planet, a certified principal member of UnionPay, to serve UnionPay cardholders, a sizeable market given the over 160 million cardholders outside of China.
Aleta Planet’s secured and flexible solution made it the ideal choice for TADA. Payments on ride-hailing services are not as straightforward compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. For most traditional merchants, card payments are typically captured immediately at the point of sale. Due to the nature of ride-hailing though, having a pre-authorisation feature was critical for TADA’s operations since an actual charge to customers’ cards should only be made at the end of the journey.
Aleta Planet’s pre-authorisation feature allows TADA to hold the estimated fare at the point of booking. This ensures that customers have sufficient balance to make the actual payment at the end of the trip. In the event where a customer does not have enough balance, TADA is able to restrict the booking from taking place and prevent cases where it is unable to charge customers even though its drivers have successfully provided the service.
Through Aleta Planet’s solution, TADA is also able to factor in additional costs incurred during trips such as additional drop off points or toll fees (ERP), in order to charge an accurate fare at the end of the trip. Hence TADA found Aleta Planet’s solution to be highly suitable and cost-efficient for its needs.
Many consumers are also price-sensitive, especially in a highly competitive sector like ride-hailing. TADA’s zero-commission model from drivers allows it to price its fares slightly below competitors throughout most of the day. 

Together with the UnionPay promotion for TADA customers, arranged through Aleta Planet, the campaign was well received as customers could save more on their daily commute. During the promotion, UnionPay’s marketing and communications support also helped TADA to increase campaign awareness and attract new customers.
From the campaign data, TADA saw an uplift of new and existing customers choosing to pay for their rides using UnionPay cards. Compared to the month prior to the campaign, the number of UnionPay transactions increased by seven-fold.
More importantly, there was no reduction in the post-promotion use of UnionPay, which indicates that users are sticking to UnionPay as their default payment method onboard TADA.
TADA was also pleasantly surprised by the speed and smoothness of the Application Programming Interface (API) integration process with Aleta Planet. With detailed API documents and integration guides provided as well as prompt responses from Aleta Planet on any technical clarifications, the integration was completed within 3 months. 

Being a newer player in the market, there is still a huge room for acquisition and growth as there may still be consumers that are not yet familiar with our service. In the next phase of growth, we hope to continue driving new user acquisition through Aleta Planet’s and UnionPay’s strong network of customers while at the same time, rewarding loyal customers who have been booking rides on our TADA platform using their UnionPay cards.

Kay Woo



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