Nestia transforms users’ lifestyles through co-branded digital card with Aleta Planet

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Nestia’s number of monthly UnionPay transactions scaled exponentially from 100 transactions per month to 2,400 transactions per month, within 9 months of setting up.

Established in 2015 in Singapore, Nestia is a comprehensive lifestyle app providing an engaging platform for users to be updated on a broad range of local information. From news to traffic to services and more, it has 1.3 million users, consisting largely of local residents and Chinese immigrants.
To build brand loyalty and user stickiness to the app, Nestia launched a co-branded digital UnionPay card with Aleta Planet in September 2020.

UnionPay is the world’s largest card network and China’s largest payment and clearing network.
As a certified principal member of UnionPay, Aleta Planet has the license and capability to issue UnionPay digital cards. Coupled with its ability to develop a customised and flexible solutions, Aleta Planet was a clear choice for Nestia to provide its users with greater convenience and benefits.

The co-branded digital card with Aleta Planet enables Nestia users to make UnionPay QR Code payments at over 30 million merchants in 45 countries and regions.

Users can also easily make low-cost and instantaneous remittances to their families and friends in China, through the remittance service provided through Aleta Planet’s Application Programming Interface (API) to the Nestia app. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, working with Aleta Planet has helped Nestia to bring the convenience and efficiency of mobile payments to customers who would previously have made physical trips to remittance outlets. These solutions have resulted in a more holistic, end-to-end user experience on the Nestia app. 

Joint campaign promotions with UnionPay have also helped Nestia to increase brand awareness, gain traction with more customers, and incentivise more transactions.

Nestia saw its number of monthly UnionPay transactions grow exponentially over the past 9 months, from 100 monthly transactions in January 2021 to over 2,400 monthly transactions in September 2021. This number is expected to rise further as Aleta Planet and Nestia onboard more users through an expanded e-KYC process and support.

As Aleta Planet’s platform was developed in-house from ground up, its ownership of source codes allowed it to flexibly customise the digital card to Nestia’s requirements. It also enabled a prompt and smooth implementation of API integration to Nestia’s app, taking only 3 months from start to end.

The security of transactions and pre-loaded customer funds also played a crucial factor in Nestia’s partnership evaluation. If Nestia users believe that their personal information or card information has been compromised, they can easily lock their digital card through the app. Aleta Planet’s system and network are also PCI DSS certified and SSL secured, which meets international security standards and UnionPay’s stringent requirements. Funds deposited by users into the co-branded digital card are also safeguarded in a custodian account, which is segregated and dedicated for customers. 

We are already reaping the benefits of our collaboration with Aleta Planet and UnionPay, to bring a co-branded digital card to our users. In the future, we also see the potential for a more comprehensive partnership, given the broad scope of Aleta Planet’s secure payment products.

Cheryl Wang

Head of Business Development


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