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Digitalisation: More Important than Ever

With the development of digital economy and the current COVID-19 crisis, the future of the global economy will have everything to do with digitalisation. Digital transformation has proven to be vital long before the COVID-19 crisis and after it hit, that importance only grew stronger and clearer to ensure the sustainability of businesses.

It is a continuous process of challenging the current statues as technologies keep evolving and in order for businesses to survive, they need to incorporate this process to grow thrive. With Aleta Planet, you can.

Find out how we are helping a 50 year old establishment, Goldleaf Restaurant with digitalising their business and equipping them with the right tools to expand their payment acceptance to cater to more Chinese tourists.

People come with their families from when they were young and we see them grow up with our food. 


Second Generation owner

Goldleaf Restaurant

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The 50 Year Old Porridge

Situated in Katong Square, Goldleaf is a Chinese Restaurant specialising in Taiwanese style porridge and it was established in 1971. The first thing you will notice upon entering Goldleaf restaurant is the huge mural that they have hung behind their bar. It is a mural of their very first location back in 1971 situated along Orchard Road. At the counter, sits an actual photograph of their very first location.

Today, the legacy of Goldleaf still remains. We were privileged enough to be able to sit down with Karen Phua, the second generation owner of the restaurant, providing us with insights on how they maintain the quality of their porridge all these years as well as how stay on top by adapting to changes.

MSG? Never at Goldleaf.

Goldleaf prides itself on its quality and consistency and that’s how we manage to be around since 1971.

Porridge is often thought about as something you only eat when you are sick. Boring and bland. But Goldleaf has managed to prove everyone wrong with their robust flavours in their dishes - all prepared with zero MSG.

“Goldleaf prides itself on its quality and consistency of our dishes, so that’s why we don’t have added MSG, only the pure flavour from the ingredients we use goes into our dishes which is one of the most important thing because we want to advocate a healthy eating lifestyle.”

On their famous porridge, she adds, “ For our porridge, we use two types of rice grains in it – Jasmine and Calrose rice. We mix these two rice grains, both with the right proportion to achieve that a special texture in our porridge. It is different from the typical Teochew porridge as well as Cantonese porridge. You can actually see the grains in our porridge and there is a very smooth texture.” 

The Important Roles of Side Dishes

Sourcing the best ingredients for our dishes is something very important to us. Even if it takes all that hard work just for one dish, we will do it.

Of course the star of show is their famous porridge, but their delicious side dishes is what makes the meal whole. Their famous Chai Por Omelet (preserved radish omelet), Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Greens (梅菜扣肉) and the newest addition Fried Mala Chicken (辣子鸡) are must-try dishes when you visit Goldleaf.

“Our chai por omelet is like a fluffy pancake, so this requires very special techniques from the chef which we require them to master. The difference from our chai por omelet to the others you get from the market is the cooking methods. The fluffiness requires a certain level of oil to get that crunchy texture on the outside and the softness on the inside.”

“ Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Greens (梅菜扣肉) is actually a recipe that has been pass down from the 70s, so we actually use 18 types of spices to achieve the best taste. Our pork is also braised till its soft and tender and when we make the 梅菜 we also add in special ingredients to enhance the taste of the dish.”

Karen also understands that in order to stay ahead, she has to make note of food trends that may be popular of late and she is not afraid to experiment - and they are really good at it.
“Fried Mala Chicken (辣子鸡) is a very new dish because we spotted a trend in which the younger generation nowadays enjoy the Mala (麻辣) flavour a lot, we decided to experiment on this dish. What sets our 辣子鸡 apart from the others that you will find on the market is that we actually use very good peppercorns from Sze Chuan and the different spices that we specially source specially for this dish.”

Digitalisation is a Natural Progression

Just as Karen is quick to spot food trends and the changing palates of consumers across the board, she is also well aware that digitalisation is a natural progression for the business.

Having something that is familiar to her consumers is important to her, especially her Chinese customers, as customers tend to be less intimidated when they dine at Goldleaf.

“We are actually situated in between two hotels, so earlier during the pre-covid days, there were a lot of Chinese tourists staying here as this area is a very convenient and accessible location for the tourists to move around. They will go for their comfort food such as Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁), something that they are comfortable with such as Mapo Tomatoes (麻婆茄子),something that is of a familiar taste to them.”

Achieving more with Aleta Planet

When they visit Singapore it will definitely be good if we provide them with the same method of payment in which is convenient and easy for them and for us as well.

On providing them with something more familiar to the Chinese with her food, Karen wants to be able to do that as well with payments.

“In China, the most common mode of payment is actually via QR codes and that is the reason why we are trying to introduce this new payment method into Goldleaf so that it can be a familiar, easy ad convenient method for them to transact. When they visit Singapore it will definitely be good if we provide them with the same method of payment in which is convenient and easy for them and for us as well. ”

She adds, “With QR payments, it has truly been easier and more convenient and people no longer need to bring cash around. As Singapore is beginning to adopt more cashless payments and digitalise, working with Aleta Planet has allowed us to enhance our payment acceptance at Goldleaf and also expose ourselves to more Chinese tourists in the future.”

Digitalisation should not seek to disrupt your system, only to complement it.

Contact Aleta Planet today and take the first step towards digitalising your business.

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