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Digitalising the Chicken Rice Trade (Chinese)

Digitalising your business is perhaps the fuzziest and most confusing buzz word right now. What does that mean? 

Trying to capture too many moving parts can be a struggle as well. Although there can be much confusion that comes with digitalising your business, with Aleta Planet, we want to assist you ensure that your business survives the forces of digitalisation.

Find out how we are helping the famous Five Star Chicken Rice with digitalising their business and equipping them with the right tools to open their business to more Chinese tourists.

A taste of home, wherever you are.


Managing Director 

Five Star Chicken Rice

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Our National Dish

The Hainanese Chicken Rice, heralded as Singapore’s ‘National Dish’, is a dish that we are best known for. A dish that tourists do not miss when they visit Singapore. A dish that is truly Uniquely Singaporean.

Five Star Chicken Rice began in the 1980s with their founder, Mr. Yeo Ban Seng, selling chicken rice with usual side dishes such as tau gey (bean sprouts) as well as baby bak choy that goes along with it. Mr. Yeo Ban Seng grew up around chickens, later becoming a sought-after supplier. His expertise in telling the quality is so acute that he is able to tell just by looking, how old a chicken is at slaughter, its state of health and the care it was given.

In the year 2000, Mr. Yeo noticed a drop in the quality of commercial chickens over the years and after much research, he carefully selected the top quality kampung chickens for our chicken rice. Since then, it has become Five Star’s Signature and their kampung chicken rice has been very well received.

We were privileged enough to be able to sit down with Ann Yeo, the Managing Director of Five Star Chicken Rice, who provided us with insights on how they maintain the quality of their chicken rice all these years as well as how stay on top by adapting to changes.

Quality, with a taste of home

You will get a taste from home wherever you are when you’re eating in Five Star.

Chicken rice, as iconic and remarkable as it is, is a dish that is sold practically anywhere in Singapore. Despite that, Five Star has been able to keep up their standards and continue the legacy from one generation to the next, all by ensuring high quality ingredients and detailed preparation methods.

“The main specialty of our chicken rice is that we use kampung chicken for our chicken rice. If you compare between our kampung chicken rice and commercial chickens, you will be able to tell right away which is kampung chicken as kampung chickens tend to be a bit more yellowish, leaner and smaller - which is one of our specialties. The way we cook our kampung chicken, we ensure that the layer of collagen is kept within the chicken which is actually in between the skin and the meat.”

Aside from their Kampung Chicken, Five Star also serves many other local dishes at their restaurant. With every dish served, they pride themselves in providing food of the best quality, with a taste of home.

“Our Hometown tofu is one of the popular dishes in our restaurant and we make the tofu ourselves from scratch, handmade with no preservatives added. We only steam a certain amount of tofu everyday as it is quite popular. The meat sauce that we use is actually our home recipe and you will get a taste from home wherever you are when you’re eating at Five Star.”

The Right Amount of Spice

Evidently, the pièce de résistance of chicken rice would be the chicken. It is, however, the chilli sauce and condiments that can make or break the dish.

“Many customers like our chilli sauce and condiments, partially because it is made from fresh ingredients, it is handmade and most find that it is just the right amount of spice for them to enjoy their chicken rice. Many people love our chilli, which I believe is because of its spiciness with a hint of acidity which brightens up the palette. Our chilli and condiments are all made with no preservatives added and there’s only a certain amount of condiments we can make each day as it is handmade.”

With the popularity of the chilli sauce, Ann gets many requests from customers all over the world asking if they could purchase her chilli sauce to enjoy at home, or as souvenirs for their families and friends back home. Despite that, in order maintain the quality of their condiments, Ann makes the decision to not sell their chilli commercially.

“Because the chilli and the condiments that we have in Five Star are made without any preservatives therefore the shelf life of the condiments are not long.There are many customers requesting for more chilli and condiments and we tried very hard but we couldn’t produce chilli for commercial use because of the short shelf life.”

Welcoming Tourists from all over the World

Heritage places in Singapore are very well preserved, hence it is only normal that we see an increasing number of visitors over the years.

As chicken rice is a dish that is never missed by tourists, naturally, Five Star has been receiving customers from all over the world, especially from China for many years now.

“Singapore is known as a harmonious, racial country so naturally foreigners will be curious and interested to see and experience different types of cultures and traditions in one country. Heritage places in Singapore are very well preserved, hence it is only normal that we see an increasing number of visitors over the years. Most of our customers know us mainly through word of mouth, and our customers from China tend to post their review on us on their social media platform. Being a big and digitally advance country, it is not surprising that we have seen a growing number of Chinese visitors coming to our store.”

She adds, “We serve a wide variety to popular dishes in our restaurants so our customers from China usually order quite a number of dishes from us. We can understand that because usually they will want to immerse in the culture of Singapore and experience a variety of heritage food. These customers usually end up with a slightly bigger bill to settle therefore we could totally understand why most of them are requesting for non-cash payment modes such as QR.”

Having a Digital Advantage with Aleta Planet

Ann understands that the borders will be opened in no time and the tourists will be back soon, and that they should be well prepared to provide them with a payment method that they are familiar with.

“Initially we do not have any of these cashless payment modes at all but after many enquires from customers who started looking into different types of cashless payment modes that are commonly used in their countries or even in China, we have since been accepting more QR as well as cashless payments together with Aleta Planet.”

Contact Aleta Planet today and take the first step towards digitalising your business.

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