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Aleta Planet’s card enrolment feature encourages repeat transactions by simplifying payments through AXS m-Station for UnionPay cardholders.

AXS operates an electronic service delivery platform that provides customers with payment services for bills and fines, online government e-Services, prepaid top-up, ticketing, and many more. Owned by DBS, a leading financial services group in Asia, and other shareholders such as NETS, AXS has the largest public transactional terminal network in Singapore with over 650 AXS Stations located island-wide. AXS also expanded its network and digital access points through its mobile app, AXS m-Station and online portal AXS e-Station.

With UnionPay’s growing card base and usage, of over 160 million UnionPay cardholders outside of China, AXS wanted to broaden its reach to a new audience segment.

AXS also received recurring requests from existing users on AXS m-Station whose preference was to use their UnionPay cards for payments. Hence enabling UnionPay would provide users with additional payment options.

With Aleta Planet, a certified principal member of UnionPay, AXS was able to improve its mobile app capabilities and offer UnionPay payment acceptance. Aleta Planet’s expertise in mobile-centric and online payments and close partnership with UnionPay made it the ideal choice for AXS.

Aleta Planet’s Application Programming Interface (API) technology now powers the use of all UnionPay cards to make e-payments through AXS m-Station. In addition, Aleta Planet’s solution allows for a card binding feature where customers can verify their UnionPay card enrolment once through a One-Time Password (OTP) and make future payments easily. 

Frictionless secured payments with ease and speed are most important to us when choosing a payment gateway provider. Through the implementation of Aleta Planet’s card enrolment solution, AXS users only need to enter card details once to enrol their UnionPay card and subsequent payments are completed in one click.

Chin Mun Chung

Assistant Chief Executive Officer


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This simple yet innovative feature adds convenience for AXS m-Station users and encourages repeat transactions. Within 6 months of enabling UnionPay payment acceptance, the number of monthly UnionPay transactions through AXS has tripled.
AXS also found the integration process to be quick and simple, with prompt support from Aleta Planet and UnionPay, as well as intuitive guides and technical documents. The process from integration to implementation took just 3 months. 

AXS m-Station remains its primary focus area for growth to deliver personalised services, transforming the tedious task of regular bill payments into an easy and convenient routine. The proportion of transactions through its mobile app has grown significantly over the past years, accounting for over 40% of its total volume. As such, AXS looks to collaborations with partners such as Aleta Planet and UnionPay to enhance payment acceptance.
The take up from AXS users has been encouraging and in its next phase, AXS plans to expand the scope of UnionPay payment acceptance to include UnionPay cards issued from China. This would further open up access to almost 9 billion UnionPay cardholders and create more flexibility for customers. 

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