Seamless customized solutions for financial institutions.

One stop
white-label solution

The Aleta Planet Ecosystem empowers financial institutions with the convenience of a one-stop white-label solution, primed to deliver an astonishing array of instant payments solutions:


Merchant Online Platform

Equip merchant establishments with the ability to manage their payment transactions online, in real-time.


Acquiring Payment

Unleash the power of seamless connectivity to the various Cards Associations, to power real-time transaction processing abilities, as an acquirer.


Acquiring Processing Host Gateway

A flexible approach to setting up of Merchant account to easily accept numerous payment options and varied pricing models.


Issuing Processing Host

A simplified model for the issuance of Commercial and Consumer cards that can be easily linked to different product features and fee models.


Issuing Transaction

Easily provide seamless connectivity to the various Cards associations to support real-time transaction processing, as an issuer.


Cardholder Online Platform

The online platform designed exclusively for card applications, a self-service platform to manage transactions and card maintenance requests.

We understand that organisations are unique and work differently. That is why we are qualified to successfully partner with you in any of the following implementation models:


Outsourced model

With the system housed in our data centre, clients can launch or expand their payments business quickly and don't need to make heavy investments in terms of time and infrastructure.


Acquiring Payment

We would be happy to work with clients, to provide different combinations of the payment solutions housed within their own data centre. We provide customisation services and regular upgrade patches to support all of the client’s business needs.


Full solution with source code

We know that some clients prefer to own the source code and handle all the customisation in-house. Armed with client’s expertise and access to our source code it is an option that offers businesses the most flexibility.