Send money to China in 60 secs and receive money from 7.5 billion UnionPay card users through MoneyExpress Platform.

Experience Remittance like never before.


Our cross-border money remittance service is designed to be a fully digitalised online solution providing a quick, innovative remittance solution compared to the traditional physical in-store remittance outlet currently used by many Chinese professionals in Singapore. 


It is simple as this quick cross border money remittance service is designed to be a digitised online solution hence provides an innovative remittance solution other than the traditional physical visit to a typical remittance outlet currently used by many Chinese professionals in Singapore.

The receiver of such funds, as a UnionPay cardholder, may cash out the money at all banks or ATM machines that accept UnionPay in China. 


This remittance service is highly regulated and as required by the local laws, Aleta Planet is licensed in Singapore to provide this service.

It is also sustained through the UPI network where the service can achieve a real-time authentication with UnionPay and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China (“SAFE”) to meet the relevant capital control standards in China.


With the increasing demand for remittance services, we provide the flexibility of digital remittance by allowing everyone to remit funds anytime, anywhere.

We help you provide an efficient and convenient process that meets your needs as well as those of your customers. What’s more, we connect you with the industry state of the art system to provide a channel for a seamless process that remit money to China in 60 seconds.

Increase your sales and enable a seamless remittance experience

Are you looking for a simple system for your remittance business? Our remittance solutions help you to create a seamless money remitting experience for your customers, and a secure method for you as a remittance company— anytime, anywhere.


What is MoneyExpress (MES)?

MoneyExpress (MES) is a cross-border remittance service that has been launched in 45 countries and regions including the US, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Russia.20 cooperating institutions are included. Banks like CIBC,Kookmin Bank and specialized institutions like MoneyGram, XOOM, and Transferwise. Through these institutions’ offline outlets, official websites, and mobile APP, customers outside Mainland China can easily make cross-border remittance to UnionPay cards issued by 17 banks in China, including ICBC, BOC, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Everbright Bank, and Hua Xia Bank. UnionPay cardholders in Mainland China can get remittance in RMB and then can make purchases or withdraw cash, and they do not have to handle the payment of remittance and foreign exchange settlement. It eliminates the difficulties of wire transfers and queuing at the  counter; money is sent in a simple, highly regulated, secured and effective way.

How does MES work?

MES Transaction is performed via a secured-platform solution, which is authenticated with UnionPay and the Sate Administration of Foreign Exchange of China (SAFE).  It is different from the traditional cross-border telegraphic transfer, MES settles the exchange rate in advance and deposit the remittance into the payee UnionPay account in RMB.

With this online cross-border remittance service, individuals outside China can remit to China UnionPay cards in 60 secs. Exchange rate is determined upfront and amount is deposited into the payee account in RMB. Transaction is performed via a secured e-platform solution and authenticated with UnionPay and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China (SAFE).

What can I use MES for?

You can send money to friends and family or to facilitate payments in RMB within China

Can I pay to any UnionPay Card?

You can only send money to UnionPay cards issued by the participating banks in China listed in the UnionPay website

What are the recipient information required when making a transfer?

You will need the recipient’s legal name (in English), contact details as well as the UnionPay card number.

What does the UnionPay cardholder need to do to receive the fund?

The RMB funds transferred will be automatically credited onto cardholder's account.

Will any of my personal information be shared with my recipient?  

None of your personal information will be shared to the recipient other than sender's name.

How long does it take for the money to arrive?

Fund transferred will be credited to the UnionPay card account in 60 secs between 7am to 10pm on weekdays and non China Banking Holidays.

Will I be notified when my recipient gets my remittance? 

You may check your Aleta Planet account for remittance status.

How is the conversion rate? 

The currency conversion rate into RMB is determined by UnionPay and Aleta Planet on a daily basis.

Is there any amount limit that I could send to a UnionPay card?

For every transaction to UnionPay Card, you could send a maximum of USD 5,000 or daily maximum cumulative of USD 10,000 (or equivalent in other currencies).  For each individual in China, the cardholder could receive up to a maximum of USD 50,000 per calendar year (or equivalent in other currencies).

Are there any fees? 

Fees are collected by Aleta Planet for each successful transfer. Please contact our customer service or agent if you need more information.

Can I cancel a payment?

As soon as you confirm sending the money to a UnionPay Card by entering the one-time-password to proceed,  the transaction will be processed and cannot be canceled or reversed.

How will my recipient be notified?

Your recipient may receive notification on the fund received by the receiving bank. Otherwise, the recipient can check the bank statement on fund crediting.

What does my recipient need to do to get the money?

If all cardholder details are correct and it does not exceed the cardholder’s annual foreign exchange quota, the deposit of the RMB funds will be automatically credited to the UnionPay card account.

What would the recipient see on their bank statement?

Receipient should see the transaction detail of the transfer on their bank statement with at least the following: following : Transaction date, Country, and Amount Credited.

How do I check the status of the remittance?

There will be an unique Order Number issued for each remittance transaction.  You can enquire by using Order Number for remittance details.

What can I do if the status of the remitted fund is shown as ‘Pending’?

If a remittance transaction has a status of ‘Pending’, it means that the remittance may take a longer time to complete (usually within 24 hours). Please check the status again later.

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