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The Aleta Planet Payment Gateway eradicates complicated traditional payment flows and plays the role of an acquirer, risk management to bring you the most seamless payment process. 

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Forget about having to open local bank accounts, setting up new business units, negotiating multiple payments contracts. Our SecurePay payment solution helps you deal with complex, cross-border payments, so you can focus on what matters: customer satisfaction and growing your business.

Accept online payments from a wide range of payment options. 

Transact through Aleta Planet’s certified payment gateway

Minimize card fraud as it is linked to UnionPay’s anti-fraud centre

Chargeback protection for merchant against unauthorised transactions

Daily settlement in the currency of your choice

Easy to use features to facilitate a smooth transaction

Acceptance of more than 50 million overseas UnionPay Cards

Get featured on our e-commerce store, in China when you engage us as a payment solution partner

Customised integration of Application Programming Interface (API) with your IT platform

All digital payment types

Discover all the payment options you need to get the most out of your online transactions.


Browser-based payment experiences for web and mobile


In-app and mobile payment experiences

Pay by Link

The fastest way to accept payments in any context with a simple link

  • Expand your e-commerce business into the largest consumer market in minutes
  • Setup an online store instantly
  • Reach out to 1.4 billion people in China
  • In-app rewards platform
  • Through, Aleta Planet provides an integrated marketplace with seamless payment infrastructure and last-mile delivery for our Aleta Planet merchants globally

Seamless payment processes with Aleta Planet

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What does Aleta Planet offer for B2C payment solution?

Aleta Planet offers merchant with the following product as B2C payment solutions:-

Online Payment Solutions

  • SecurePay – Payment request can be generated from Aleta Planet Merchant Platform or Merchant App and sent to the cardholder via email or Whatsapp or WeChat. Upon clicking on the payment link received, cardholder will be redirected to UnionPay’s page for authentication on the UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) Platform
  • Dynamic QR – Merchant presented QR code can be generated dynamically with amount and merchant details from Aleta Planet merchant App for cardholder to scan directly for payment. The QR code can also be shared to the cardholder via Whatsapp or WeChat.
  • Merchant Hosted / Card Enrolment – Offers online payment solution for debit and credit cards whereby payment can be completed on the merchant/acquirer page without redirection out from merchant website. There will be SMS verification for initial card enrolment to authenticate the cardholder
  • ExpressPay – It allows cardholder to stay on merchant/acquirer page to complete a payment transaction

Offline Payment Solutions

  • Offline QR – UPI QR Code product can be integrated into mobile Apps to support a low-cost, convenient and secure innovative payment method.

There are 2 offline options:

  1. Static QRC –Merchant Presented
  2. Dynamic QRC –Merchant / Consumer presented

How Is Aleta Planet Involved in UnionPay B2C?

As a Certified Principal Member for UnionPay, Aleta Planet actively works with UnionPay to further develop new channels and payment innovations. Aleta Planet is the first UnionPay Acquirer globally to work with UnionPay to develop and start acquiring merchants to use the UnionPay B2C channel

How do I apply to receive payments using the Aleta Planet B2C payment solution?

To use Aleta Planet B2C payment solution, you need to sign up for a merchant account with Aleta Planet. You may express your interest by filling up the contact form here. Alternatively, you may also contact us at and our Business Manager will assist you further in the merchant account application.

What are the documents required for signing up with Aleta Planet for B2C payment solution?

Merchants are required to submit the following documents to Aleta Planet:

  • A copy of the company’s ACRA Business File
  • A copy of any one of the directors’ ID (NRIC for local & PR, Passport for foreigner)
  • A copy of the Primary Contact’s ID (NRIC for local & PR, Passport for foreigner)
  • A copy of the company’s bank statement or a voided company cheque confirming the Account Holder & Bank Name or, Account Opening Letter for crediting verification

How long does it take to process the merchant application?

Normal process will take up to 3 working days. After submission of documents, our Business Manger will contact your company to request for some KYC information. Once this information has been furnished, the merchant account shall be setup within 1-2 working days.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

As the UnionPay B2B is a specialised channel for payments between businesses and traders, the transaction limit is higher than that of the normal UnionPay channel. Besides applying as an Aleta Planet merchant, merchants would be informed to register at the UnionPay Cross-Border B2B Payment & Service Platform to create the login details.

What is QRC payment?

QRC Payment stands for Quick Response Code Payment. Method of payment is contactless and performed by scanning a QR Code. In a merchant presented QR Code payment mode, customer uses their mobile App to scan the QR Code presented by the merchant to initiate the payment. In a consumer presented QR Code payment mode, customer’s mobile app will generate QR code for merchant to scan for payment.

How is Aleta Planet QRC Payment different from the rest of the QR code payments in Singapore?

Aleta Planet is a Certified Principal Member and a MAS SGQR member. Merchants using Aleta Planet QRC will be able to receive payments from all UnionPay customers.