Your card. Your Brand. Your Identity. 

LAUNCH your own card program with your own brand and corporate identity - grow revenue, track your cost and simplify payment processes for your business.

  • A proprietary account opening process with global E-KYC standard
  • 3 mins account opening at the comfort of your home
  • Leverage of China unified common QR code for foreigners to pay like a local
  • In-app rewards platform
  • Immediate access to UnionPay global marketing infrastructure

Design custom-branded UnionPay Debit Cards 

Develop new e-commerce opportunities 

Integrate with HuaWei Pay for contactless payments on your custom card

Simplify payrolls, payouts and expense tracking

Employee cards for travel/expenses

Real-time spending management with an easy access to dashboard

Be rewarded when you spend with UnionPay exclusive promotions and value-added services

Virtual cards available in a multi-currency and multi-card acceptance wallet

The most Flexible and Cost-Efficient solutions for your business

  • Get onboard in as little as four weeks 
  • Simple platform integration with your existing systems
  • We bring your suppliers, business partners and clients together in a single platform
  • Enable faster growth by expanding into new markets 
  • Reduce cost by reducing operational complexity