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The remittance industry experienced significant growth in the past decade and will probably continue to expand in the following years. The increased immigration rate of people in search of work or educational opportunities is likely one of the main causes.

Today, remittances represent the largest flow of funds into the developing world, surpassing foreign direct investments and official development assistance. Some developing economies are heavily dependent on cash that comes from abroad, making remittances a substantial component of their economy. As such, migrant worker’s transfer is now one of the main sources of income for many countries.

Aleta Planet’s remittance and foreign exchange solutions caters possible multiple channels, online portals, mobile applications and stores. We work with our clients to customise their preferences with our remittance technology with our highly regulated, secured, and convenient and a fast transaction within 30 seconds.

Aleta Planet also interconnects between MoneyExpress, the UnionPay remittance platform, and Aleta Planet’s engine to facilitate cross-border payments into mainland China from international markets.

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