Ryan Gwee, CEO of Aleta Planet, on staying afloat and moving forward amidst the unpredictability

The new normal for fintech in a digital age, post COVID-19. In 2014, a team of professionals with strong business and technology expertise within the banking, finance and payment industries founded Aleta Planet in Singapore. Their aim was to provide end-to-end technology solutions for financial institutions and corporates.“Aleta Planet focuses on a client-specific, solutions-oriented approach […]

UnionPay International Pledges Support For Stronger Financial Cooperation Between Shanghai And Singapore

Global payment network, UnionPay International (UPI), has pledged its support for stronger financial cooperation between Shanghai and Singapore at the 12th Lujiazui Forum 2020, a major financial summit held in Shanghai, China on 18 and 19 June. SHANGHAI, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global payment network, UnionPay International (UPI), has pledged its support for stronger financial […]

Dubai retailers beef up Chinese staff, expanding Chinese payment systems like UnionPay to capture lucrative market

China is the fourth biggest source market for travelers into Dubai, with visitors to the Emirate growing 12% annually, according to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and with that, retailers in Dubai have increasingly accommodating free-spending Chinese shoppers in several ways, beyond simply hiring Mandarin-speaking staff. Mandarin signs, new payment systems, and more […]

Asia’s most Wealthy Scouting for Bolt-on Businesses in Singapore

South China Morning Post reports that most of the regions’ ultra-wealthy have asked private bankers at UBS to funnel fresh funds into Singapore rather than Hong Kong and that Asian tycoons are now cashed up and scouting for their next big venture in Singapore. According to the region’s largest wealth manager, Singapore has been overwhelmingly chosen […]

Chinese tourists driving recovery for economies

Although the situation facing the World’s approaching tourist season remains grim in light of the coronavirus pandemic, a recovery will, eventually, happen. When it does, however, some market segments, such as tourism and aviation, might mobilize faster than others driving gradual but definite economic recovery for many countries. Much like Vietnam, due to their early […]

Virtual accounts: Forget everything you thought you knew

There is no denying that virtual bank accounts (VBAs) are a hot topic among the treasury community today. While you may have heard of VBAs before, their usage is rapidly evolving – and their benefits for treasurers continue to grow. In an increasingly international marketplace, achieving centralized visibility, control and access to information is a significant […]

UnionPay continues to expand its global acceptance footprint

There are 28.5 million merchants outside mainland China accepting UnionPay cards. 4 million of them support UnionPay mobile payment services too, an increase of about 1 million. Users of UnionPay mobile payment services can now enjoy greater payment ease and a wider variety of services.UnionPay International (UPI) announced that there are 28.5 million merchants outside […]

Hitting record high every other day – How long will this virus hold out?

One question is likely on your mind a lot: When will this pandemic end? What a difference a few months can make. As countries and cities continue to enforce social distancing, encourage self-isolation policies, and postpone major events (including the Olympics), cases of people being diagnosed as positive with COVID-19 are climbing every single day […]

The Value of Virtual Accounts

 Virtual bank accounts (VBAs) are a trending topic among corporate treasurers, but what are they and how have they evolved to improve cash liquidity and payments for businesses? Virtual bank accounts (VBAs), are, as the name suggests, non-physical bank accounts. Corporate treasurers use VBAs to increase the efficiency of their working capital processes and take cash […]