Grand opening of Singapore HQ

Jul 31, 2019

MoovPay Global shifted to Suntec City Tower Four, marking this office their Headquarters here in the sunny land.

In every office, we believe that a comfortable workspace is the most important aspect in the organization. This June, MoovPay called home here at Suntec City Tower 4 and had our grand opening session to welcome our exclusive guests and merchants from all over the world.

The motive to shift the office from Tower One to Tower Four is to expand the space to accommodate the growing members of staffs and clients. The need to create a comfortable workspace is to promote better productivity in employees. Most importantly, we want to make our valued guests feel welcomed when visiting the office.

This forefront would be a main space for MoovPay Global to service our corporate clients, to host events and a place to gather together. We look forward to meeting you here at MoovPay Global.

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