Create a seamless trade flow with our all-in-onepayment solutions

Receive and pay money using our state-of-the-art solutions

With developments in this digital era, it is time to make your process flow easier with new opportunities.

We help you to integrate payment solutions process that provides an efficient and convenient method that meets your needs.

With the UnionPay Cross Border Payments Platform, we connect you with the industry’s most valuable payment methods to allow you to increase efficiency in the process flow.

Increase your sales and enable a seamless import and export business

Looking for a simple payment system for your company?

The UnionPay B2B Cross Border Payment System allows you to bill your invoices and send payment requests to ensure you experience the most seamless transaction flows for your business.

Benefits of payment solutions for the import and export industry:

  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Provision of the payment methods and currencies requested by a company
  • Better insights and easy administration