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Why You Need Aleta Planet

Aleta Planet enables your business to easily start accepting online UnionPay card payments from your customers, by providing your business with a merchant account, Online Payment Platform, payment processing capabilities; All-In-One solution.

With Aleta Planet, merchants can immediately enjoy fast, safe and secure Online Payment Acceptance capabilities without the need to incur costly leasing of POS systems (which only allows in-person card payment) or invest in expensive and time-consuming development of their own Internet E-commerce front-end online system (to accept payments online).

Aleta Planet provides merchants with an easy and fast registration process, which allows merchants to start online card acceptance for their goods and services as soon as within 1 working day. Aleta Planet strives to provide merchants with the fastest settlement turnaround time, where merchants can expect to receive payments for their goods and services as soon as the next working day. With our all-in-one online payment platform, Merchants are able to collect payments across the globe with just a click of the mouse which saves time and money. Our platform is SSL secured, PCI DSS and Trustwave certified to ensure maximum security.

Traditional Merchants: Aleta Planet provides Merchants access to MoovPay’s Online Platform, which enable traditional merchants to send payment requests directly to their client’s email, and to collect the payments electronically and globally, without the need to invest in any costly IT infrastructure and software development.

E-Commerce Merchants: For E-Commerce Merchants, Aleta Planet enables UnionPay acceptance directly on your website and/or mobile app, increasing the flexibility of payment options for your customers. Aleta Planet provides a direct API connection to our payment gateway, and easy to follow demo files for you to configure your website. E-Commerce Merchants using Aleta Planet can also track and manage their transactions through our Online Platform.

Aleta Planet caters to all business types but is especially beneficial to businesses that are currently dependent on paper checks, paper invoices, physical POS machines, and businesses that currently do not accept UnionPay cards and need to implement online payment solutions.

Yes, absolutely. Aleta Planet works with Merchants to offer a competitive transaction rate and saves money and time by streamlining payment processing, which frees up more productive time for your employees to increase sales revenue.

Aleta Planet enables Merchants to collect payments from both companies and individuals, as long as the payor has a UnionPay Card or a Chinese Internet Banking Account.

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