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UnionPay B2B

UnionPay B2B is a specialised channel that UnionPay has developed specifically to provide Business to Business payments using UnionPay’s channel and network. Through UnionPay B2B, UnionPay seeks to deliver a more efficient, secure, convenient and all-day services of enterprise payment solution for businesses. Adopting digital payment technologies, UnionPay promotes development of trading between China and other countries or regions, especially the “Belt and Road” Countries. Find out more here.

As the UnionPay B2B is a specialised channel for payments between businesses and traders, the transaction limit is higher than that of the normal UnionPay channel.

As an UnionPay Certified Principal, Aleta Planet actively works with UnionPay to further develop new channels and payment innovations. Aleta Planet is the first UnionPay Acquirer globally to work with UnionPay to develop and start acquiring merchants to use the UnionPay B2B channel.

As the UnionPay B2B is a specialised payment channel catered for Business to Business transactions, a more stringent and detailed review will be done by both Aleta Planet and UnionPay to qualify a business to use the B2B channel.

For B2B Merchant sign up, Merchants are required to submit the following documents to Aleta Planet:

Mandatory documents:

  • Copy of Business License (integrate the business license, the organization code certificate and the certificate of taxation registration into one document)
  • Copy of Certificate of Incumbency (if applicable)
  • Identification Documents of all Shareholders and Directors
  • A copy of your bank statement or cheque that includes the account holder name, account number and logo or name of your bank.

Optional documents:

  • Customs Record Certification
  • Letter of Authorization and registrant’s identity materials (should be provided when the registrant is not the legal person)
  • Certification of Category A export enterprises in the list of revenues and expenditures enterprises in foreign exchange
  • Other documents that help to prove the import and export qualification of the enterprise, as well as trading contracts
The transaction limits will be set as high as the trading contracts or any supporting documents that your business can provide.
No. Only the business merchant receiving the payments needs to be registered. The paying party does not need to be registered on the platform.

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