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Aleta Planet enables Merchants to collect payments for their goods and services from both companies and individuals, as long as the payor has a UnionPay Card or a Chinese Internet Banking Account.

No. The payor need not be registered with Aleta Planet to make payments.

You will be notified of every transaction via email. Also, you will be able to view a payment history for your customers.
Yes. The single transaction limit is 500,000 CNY (or equivalent in other currencies) per transaction. The transaction limit for the Merchant to collect from a SINGLE card is 500,000 CNY (or equivalent in other currencies) per day.

Yes. The Merchant can request Aleta Planet to increase their transaction limit, subject to approval.

No. There is no limit on the total transaction amount a Merchant can collect.

The card limit is dependent on the payor’s card limit with their bank. You may wish to contact your bank to check on your card limits.

The payor will need to contact their bank to increase the card limit for online transactions. Alternatively, if your client has a bank account in China, he/she can make the payment through internet banking by clicking on the “E-Bank Payment” option at the payment page. “E-Bank Payment generally allows for a higher transaction limit compared to cards.

Generally, payments through internet banking allows the client a much higher transaction limit as compared to card payment. This is because the 2FA through internet banking tokens are deemed more secure by the banks.

Exact transaction limit is still depending on the payor’s arrangement with their bank.

More information is available here.

The limit for e-debit via Internet Banking is dependent on the client’s e-banking arrangements with their Banks, maximum up to 10,000,000 CNY (or equivalent in other currencies).

Aleta Planet will be launching a new business with UnionPay Money Express soon. Through the Money Express platform, Chinese nationals staying overseas can conveniently remit their salaries to the UnionPay accounts of their families and friends in China almost instantly.

Find out more here.

Aleta Planet abides by the strict rules and regulations of UnionPay International in regards to exchange rates and uses the exchange rates that UnionPay charges at the point of transaction. You can refer to the Exchange Rate Query on UnionPay’s website here or contact UnionPay International for reference.

Please note that the exchange rates displayed here may not synchronize with the exchange rates in UnionPay System.

UnionPay Cardholders may consult with the Issuers for more information on exchange rates.

*The above information is for reference only.

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