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Signing Up With Us

You can contact an Aleta Planet Representative at
You can contact an Aleta Planet Representative at to submit your documents.

For B2C Merchant sign up, please ensure that you have the following documents (scan or photo) ready to complete the application process:

  • A company registration document;
  • A copy (scan or photo) of your bank statement or cheque that includes the account holder name, account number and logo or name of your bank;
  • A valid passport or official identity card (not a driver’s license) from the authorised person signing the contract;
  • Contact details of the admin personnel who will be managing the MoovPay Account.

Physical copies of the above documents are not required, in line with industry’s effort of going paperless, digital copies of the documents are preferred.

The files can be uploaded onto the merchant account application form in PDF, JPEG, PNG, Word format via the following Account Registration.

Bank account proofs are necessary to verify and cross check that the Merchant’s bank account information is correct, to ensure that settlement of funds to the Merchant can be processed accurately and efficiently.

The Aleta Planet Merchant Agreement must be signed by an authorised person of the company, i.e. Director.

No. Scanned and digital copies are accepted and preferred, as long as they are clear and legible.

Upon submission of your application and documents, an Aleta Planet Representative will contact you within 2 working days with the Merchant Agreement to confirm the pricing and terms.

Once you have sent us the signed Merchant Agreement, your Aleta Planet Account will be sent to your appointed admin personnel’s email within 1 working day.

The total time from submission of application request to receiving your Aleta Planet Account details is approximately 3 working days. For urgent cases, we can set up your merchant account within 1 working day on exceptional case-to-case basis.

It is completely free to sign up with Aleta Planet.

We only charge a competitive service fee when you make a transaction via Aleta Planet. There are no other charges for signing up or maintaining your Aleta Planet Account. Please contact us directly for pricing, our Aleta Planet Representative will review and provide you with the best available rate based on your business needs and industry type. You can reach us at

Merchants that are involved in agricultural cooperatives, financial services and entertainment gaming institutions which includes betting, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips and etc are fully prohibited from signing up an Aleta Planet Account.

Merchants that are listed in the national or local relevant departments’ blacklist; entered as a “suspectable merchant” in UnionPay International Risk Information Sharing System are restricted from registering for an Aleta Planet Account.

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