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QR Payment

QRC Payment stands for Quick Response Code Payment. Method of payment is contactless and performed by scanning a QR Code. In a merchant-presented QR Code system, customer uses their mobile App to scan the QR Code presented by the merchant to initiate the payment.

Aleta Planet is a Certified Principal Member and a MAS SGQR member. Merchants using Aleta Planet QRC will be able to receive payments from all customers regardless of the app they are using.

To use Aleta Planet QRC in Singapore, the merchant needs to sign up for a merchant account with Aleta Planet. You may express your interest by filling up the contact form here. Alternatively, you may also contact any our sales representatives at who will assist you further in the merchant account application.

Normal process will take up to 3 working days. After submission of documents, our representative will contact your company to request for some KYC information. Once this information has been furnished, the merchant account shall be setup within 1-2 working days.

Aleta Planet does not impose any transaction limit. However, Aleta Planet is able to set transaction limit according to merchant’s request, and up to issuing bank’s configuration.

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