Understanding Merchant Fees in Singapore: Exploring the Facts

Managing a business can be a challenging process; there are just so many variables that go into the functioning of a successful business. From keeping up with the latest market trends to exploring competitor strategies, it can be difficult to keep up with everything in the business world. All this information can make it challenging […]

How to start your business in Singapore from the Philippines/Cambodia?

Many multinational corporations have based their headquarters in Asia’s most prominent business hub, Singapore. Many are even using it to enter the emerging markets in Southeast Asia. So, what attracts them are, in fact, interesting telltale signs of business opportunities waiting to be explored. Besides, there are multiple reasons that have helped Singapore become the […]

Telegraphic Transfers : All you need to know

Understanding telegraphic transfers (TT) A telegraphic transfer is an electronic method of transferring funds, utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. Originally, as the name suggests, telegraphs were used to communicate the transfer between financial institutions. However, the telegraphs have become obsolete overtime, with modern technology now allowing cable networks to transfer funds. As a result, you may […]

Everything You Need to Know about Cross border Payments into China

Cross-border payment is a core component of globalization. It allows businesses from every part of the world to be more active in the global market space. For example, if you are in an international business relationship with Chinese suppliers or distributors, you will need to make such payments for goods procured or collect payments for […]

Disrupting Cross-Border B2B Payments in China

Mainland China continues to grow and extend its reach into various industries across the world. As it grows, there is increasing pressure to resolve the B2B cross-border bottleneck that plagues its current payment system. The cross-border B2B payment problem is a serious issue for small and medium-sized enterprises that have difficulty accessing the countries banking […]

Debit vs Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards have been the consumer’s choice when it comes to making payment, both are generally used for the means of purchasing goods. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, thus, understanding the differences between debit cards and credit cards will help you make a sounder decision about which one to choose.What is a […]

China’s Digital Currency: All You Need to Know

Centuries in the past, when the dormant form of global currency was coins, China was the first country to formally induct paper currencies as the standard of transactions. The fiat currency induction led to a revolution in global economics by simplifying currency management and establishing a comprehensive standard in the way the global economy worked. […]

7 Reasons Why Every Business needs a Digital Business Account

With the rapid growth of social media as the biggest medium for businesses to connect with their target audience, it is important for businesses to adapt their approach towards the modern-day consumer. Unlike conventional marketing and customer management strategies, it is important for customers to adopt a redefined approach towards the customer management process. In today’s […]

China Outbound Tourism Expected to Recover in 6-12 Months

Did you know that China Outbound tourism is expected to recover in the next 6 – 12 months, and that 77% of Chinese tourists are shown to significantly spend more through mobile payments in their recent travels in comparison to the past two years? Be China-ready – accept Union Pay, WeChat Pay, all with a […]