Chinese tourists driving recovery for economies

5月 6, 2020

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Although the situation facing the World’s approaching tourist season remains grim in light of the coronavirus pandemic, a recovery will, eventually, happen.

When it does, however, some market segments, such as tourism and aviation, might mobilize faster than others driving gradual but definite economic recovery for many countries. Much like Vietnam, due to their early border restrictions and efforts to curb the pandemic is reopening the country’s travel sector in a quest to restore its international tourism profile. A newly released survey of qualified travelers from first-tier cities in China by leading hospitality consulting group C9 Hotelworks and Delivering Asia Communications analyses Chinese inbound tourism demand to Vietnam – one of the first Asian countries slowly opening their doors to tourists again.

Dying to Travel

As China slowly eases lockdown restrictions and life returns to somewhat normal conditions, residents have once again started traveling. Based on a survey of 15,000 people across 100 cities in China at the end of March, the company found that 16% of respondents will be ready to travel again in May in time for Golden Week, a five-day public holiday. “China is recovering well. Wuhan’s lockdown will be lifted and at the same time, everyone around the world is fighting against Covid-19,” Jane Sun, the CEO of Group, tells CNN Travel.

In this case, for countries that are as well recovering well much like China will get ready to welcome the waves of Chinese tourists ready to ‘revenge spend’. Thus, in the coming months, travel and tourism will define the gradual recovery process. What is significant about the China Vietnam Analysis is who are the immediate post-crisis travelers and how can hotels and tourism stakeholders proactively meet the volume of demand. We see a parallel trend in early travelers both domestically and from the China data, which pair up in a new tourism visitor profile for countries that are slowly recovering and reopening their travel sectors.

Traveling to Singapore?

As for Singapore, things are looking up and the nation is beginning to see good results from the implementation of the circuit breaker measures. In time, Singapore will as well be ready to reopen our travel sector and observe a gradual recovery process. As travel volume is not too high, Singapore still stands as a promising travel destination post-crisis. In the long run, the travel industry will recover and flourish because there is so much pent-up demand in the population. In the short term there will definitely be pressure to recover economically, but in the long term when we look back the coronavirus will be a small blip, and a lesson learned, as any other crisis that may arise every year.

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