China Outbound Tourism Expected to Recover in 6-12 Months

12月 8, 2020

Did you know that China Outbound tourism is expected to recover in the next 6 – 12 months, and that 77% of Chinese tourists are shown to significantly spend more through mobile payments in their recent travels in comparison to the past two years? Be China-ready – accept Union Pay, WeChat Pay, all with a scan of a QR code. Accept payments from over 7.5billion users worldwide and receive direct sponsorship of marketing solutions from UnionPay. Expand and build your brand awareness not just locally, but to the largest economy in the World. Aleta Planet is a principal member of UnionPay International, offering a one-stop-solution for businesses of all scales – let us bridge the gap between China and you.

A latest travel trends report conducted by ITB China has examined the impact in the coming recovery phase post Covid-19 will have on the planned travel behavior of Chinese outbound tourists, with the largest group of those surveyed expecting recovery in this market in 9-12 months. 

In the annual survey conducted among 200 Chinese outbound travel agencies and travel companies, including interviews with industry experts, 43% of those surveyed expect outbound travel will progressively recover within the next 9-12 months. 33% think that it might take 6-9 months and the latter 20% believe that it will take 3-6 months and only 4% expect to see a recovery within the next 3 months.

Preparing for Recovery

Chinese travel operators and outbound travel agencies have been preparing for Covid-19 recovery by restructuring their operations. The survey revealed that even with the suspension of business during the outbreak, travel agencies and travel-related companies have communicated with their customers.

As the Chinese prepare for the expected rise of outbound travelers in the interim, it is important that businesses around the World begin to do the same as well. Travel surveys has shown that 77% of Chinese tourists spent more via mobile payments on their most recent overseas trip than on previous trips over the past two years, businesses have to be able to adapt to the payment methods of the Chinese travelers.

Bridging the Gap

Aleta Planet has been helping businesses digitalize and equip them with everything they need to be China-ready. As a principal member of UnionPay International, we enable our merchants to be able to accept payments from 7.5 billion card holders. We also power our merchants with WeChat Pay to be able to accommodate the payment methods of the Chinese. Aleta Planet is a one-stop-solution for business of all scales – bridging the gap between you and China.

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