China: An E-commerce Giant

2月 27, 2020

The B2B marketplace has always been flourishing in China, however up till recent years, the B2B marketplace has always been doing business through traditional ways – cold calls or exhibitions. Other major B2B traditional methods have been done via “Guanxi” – to have the right connections to the right people and perhaps, drinking a lot of baijiu.

Although traditional B2B marketing still plays an influential role in attracting clients and selling products in the B2B market in China, the digital B2B marketing strategies become more critical and advanced with racing digitalization.

Business in the digital age

With the rise of internet growth of digital marketing, business practices have increasingly been evolving as well. Using online tools to carry out business operations has shown to be more comprehensive and transparent. More businesses are beginning to push not only their company’s promotional measures such as marketing to take on a digital front, but also when they do business with other businesses.

Digital marketing for B2B is an extremely efficient way, due to fact that the Chinese workforce being very well-connected digitally, making it a great way to engage and reach the decision makers at all company levels. A lot of communication takes place online, thus taping into that space can prove extremely beneficial for brands selling products to other companies. That said, it is also unrealistic to only rely on digital tools to grow businesses in China B2B marketing context. Both digital and offline methods should ideally completement each other and be a part of a coordinated strategy.

Developing trends of China’s B2B industry

Understanding China B2B marketing environment is the key to success in the market. Based on reports and researches that have been conducted by experienced professors and analysts, the future trends of B2B will above all be the constant developments to the internet as well as strengthening the application of information technology. Thus, it becomes vital that businesspeople are well equipped with insights, knowledge as well as expertise to understand the complex business factors in the B2B market in China.

Aleta Planet B2B Integration

At Aleta Planet, we offer institutions a Cross-border Business to Business payment acceptance system bridging you seamlessly into China. Forget about having to open local bank accounts, setting up new business units, negotiating multiple payments contracts. Our B2B payment solution helps you deal with complex, cross-border payments and get ability to pay or paid in seamlessly, so you can focus on what matters: customer satisfaction and growing your business.

Through our system, we bring to the table convenience and simplicity of payments globally, through a full suite of cross border payment solutions to cater for seamless cross border trading. Our integrated capabilities allow us to cater to our Business to Business users for corporate payments. Additionally, we engage with our corporate customers through an ecosystem of consumer solutions comprising payroll processing, corporate mobile wallets, bill payments, digital gifting and consumer advances amongst others.

We are your key to grow your trade business with China.

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