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Who is Aleta Planet?

Aleta Planet is an award winning global payments solution provider offering cross-border, multi-currency transactions safely and securely. As a global payment facilitator that interconnects different payment options and types, Aleta Planet prides itself on simplifying efficient online payments. We provide payment services under the Payments Services Act 2019, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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What is an AP-1 account?

It is a virtual UnionPay International account issued by Aleta Planet for all your payment needs. You can use the virtual account to pay any of the 52 million merchants that accept UnionPay in over 178 countries. Transactions are processed and protected by UnionPay International rules and standards.

We offer both personal and business accounts, depending on your needs.

What are the different types of accounts available?

We issue both personal and business virtual accounts.

What are the benefits of holding an AP-1 account over a credit or debit account?

The AP-1 account has no minimum income requirement. Simply deposit the amount you wish to spend. You do not need to worry about late payment penalties or hefty interests on outstanding balances.

How are my funds protected?

We strictly adhere to the safekeeping rules and regulations, and work with one of the best custodian banks to ensure and safekeep your funds. The funds in your AP-1 account are deposited into a dedicated customer segregated account held by us. This means that your money will be stored separately from Aleta Planet's own company bank account and safeguarded accordingly.

The safety of your money is our utmost priority. We also comply with the relevant laws and regulations put in place by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

How to Contact Us?

For customer-related enquiries, please e-mail