AP-1 Business Account Fees & Charges

Account Pricing

Singapore & Offshore Registered Companies

1. Annual Fee

1.1 Membership Fee

USD 10,000

1.2 Annual Fee

USD 3,000

2. Deposit Fee

2.1 International Bank Transfer (All bank fees to be burned by customers)

USD 10 per transaction

2.2 RTGS (Hong Kong local transfer in HKD / USD / RMB)

USD 10 per transaction

2.3 FPS (HKD Only)

USD 3,000

3. Account replacement fee

3.1 Account replacement fee

USD 100 per replacement 

4. Fund Return Fee

5.1 Clients may request to return their deposit amount (in full or partial) back to their designated accounts, for both domestic and international.

In addition, any bank charges are to be borne by the clients.

USD 50 for each return processed

5. Funds transfer fee

5.1 To other Aleta Planet Account Holder

a) Receiver Fee: 0.2% of funds processed

b) Sender Fee: 0.1% of funds sent

6. Remittance fee

6.1 To other UnionPay accounts (including China)

(min SGD 5 / USD 5, max SGD 40 / USD40 when remitting in SGD / USD respectively)

6.2 Cross Border Remittance to  Bank Accounts

Same currency

(i) Commission in Lieu of Exchange
0.125% for the 1st USD 50,000; 0.0625% for the rest
(Min USD 20.00, Max USD 200.00)
(ii) Remittance Commission
0.125% commission (Min USD 10, Max USD 50)
(iii) Processing Fee: USD 50

Different currency pair

(i) 0.125% flat (Min USD 20.00, Max USD 100.00)

(ii) Processing Fee: USD 50

6.3 Local Bank Transfers

In addition, all bank charges, if any, are to be borne by client

USD 50 for each transfer