Be a Global Citizen with our card agnostic solution. 

The first consumer digital account that allows you to transact around the world like a local. Powered by Aleta Planet.


Quick Signup

Open your Personal Account in just 3 minutes with MyInfo.


Manage transactions and capture receipts through the app.

Pay by QR in China

Pay like a local in China via QR code.

Top Up Wallet

Easily top up your wallet with PayNow.

Shopping Perks

Earn shopping rebates and get exclusive rewards from our partners and merchants.

Secure and Regulated

Lock your card anytime and have all your payments securely encrypted.

Remit Money

Send money anywhere globally     and to China, within 60 seconds.


Paying with AP-1 is easy. Setting up your Personal Card is even easier.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old. No deposits required.

  • Download the Aleta Planet app.
  • Select Personal Account.
  • Register your information via MyInfo.
    No additional documents required.
  • Accept card and you're all set!



Start transacting with AP-1 Personal Card

Don't let currency be your limit. Transact like a local anywhere around the world

Download our app from the app store or scan the QR code.


Who is Aleta Planet?

Aleta Planet is an award winning global payments solution provider offering cross-border, multi-currency transactions safely and securely. As a global payment facilitator that interconnects different payment options and types, Aleta Planet prides itself on simplifying efficient online payments. We provide payment services under the Payments Services Act 2019, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

More information can be found on

What are the benefits of holding an AP-1 account over a credit or debit account?

The AP-1 account has no minimum income requirement. Simply deposit the amount you wish to spend. You do not need to worry about late payment penalties or hefty interests on outstanding balances.

How are my funds protected?

We strictly adhere to the safekeeping rules and regulations, and work with one of the best custodian banks to ensure and safekeep your funds. The funds in your AP-1 account are deposited into a dedicated customer segregated account held by us. This means that your money will be stored separately from Aleta Planet's own company bank account and safeguarded accordingly.

The safety of your money is our utmost priority. We also comply with the relevant laws and regulations put in place by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

How do I apply for a personal account and what are the documents required?

Simply download our app from Apple Store or Google Play Store, and register your account with us. Once registered, select 'Apply' from the home screen and choose the account you want.

For Singaporeans and pass holders, you can apply via MyInfo, using SingPass. No submission of documents is required for the application.

Foreigners will have to upload their passport copies and proof of address (such as utility bills, government letters, etc), and a selfie video for liveliness check (not applicable for business accounts).

Can I use the account locally to enjoy local card promotions?

Yes. As an agnostic digital card issuer, you will be able to enjoy local promotions offered by the card association that you select. 

How do I deposit funds into my account?

Personal account

You can deposit funds into your account via your AP-1 app, using PayNow, bank transfer, credit or debit card. Simply open the app and select "Deposit" from the home screen.

If you are a Singapore resident, you will need to provide your bank account details when making a deposit for the first time. This facilitates our return of funds to you in respect of the stock cap of SGD 5,000 and annual flow cap of SGD 30,000, as prescribed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. For personal accounts, your account should not hold more than SGD 5,000 by the end of each day (Singapore time) and you cannot transfer more than SGD 30,000 to your account each year.

Business account

Your business account will be deposited by your company's administrator.

Is there a maximum deposit limit for my Personal Account?

For Singapore residents

Your personal account balance cannot exceed SGD5,000 at any one time, regardless of the number of personal accounts you are holding with Aleta Planet. For example, if you hold both the AP-1 and Nestia accounts, the total balance of the 2 accounts cannot exceed SGD5,000.

At the same time, the total amount that you may deposit must not exceed SGD30,000 per calendar year. Please refer to regulation 18 of the Payment Services Regulations 2019, available on

For non-Singapore residents and business customers

There is no deposit limit.