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About Aleta Planet

Founded in 2014 in Singapore by a team of professionals with strong business and technology expertise within the banking and finance industry. Aleta Planet provides end-to-end technology solutions for Financial Institutions and corporates. We focus on a client specific, solutions-oriented approach and have successfully delivered highly regulated, licensed (by Monetary Authority of Singapore) and secured leading edge technology solutions.

Our proprietary solutions are principally involved in research, design, development, implementation and maintenance of our finance technologies for our clients. We work closely with clients to envision their success and collaborate seamlessly with their teams to ensure desired results are achieved and sustained.

Aleta Planet is also a direct acquirer and issuer of UnionPay International, offering cross-border, multi-currency transactions safely and securely. As a global payment facilitator that interconnects different payment options and types, Aleta Planet prides itself on simplifying efficient online payments. Being a Certified Principal Member of UnionPay International, Aleta Planet enables merchants to accept over 7 billion UnionPay cards issued globally. Additionally, Aleta Planet will issue UnionPay International commercial cards. Cardholders of this new co-branded card can use it to pay any of the 41 million merchants that accept UnionPay in over 177 countries.

Aside being principal member of UnionPay international, Aleta Planet is a global acquirer for Discover and Diners Club. Furthermore, we are WeChat Pay enabled. With these comprehensive offerings we are able to accelerate our international network expansion by leveraging Aleta Planet’s omnichannel capabilities and global reach.

Our growth

What we can offer

Aleta Planet has been a pioneer in payment technology solutions specialising in B2B sector since 2014. Through our in-house R & D technology team, we have evolved to became industry experts in developing advanced and robust financial technology solutions. With big corporate companies moving into a paperless and digital world, Aleta Planet is at the forefront of the financial technology world to harness and meet the high expectations and demands of the B2B sector.
With the success of its financial solutions in the corporate sector, Aleta Planet continues to build on this success by expanding its capacity and capabilities into the Business to Consumer sector.

The 3 major success pillars of Aleta Planet are our ability to seamlessly integrate the human touch and understand new global IT languages and trends to develop our proprietary technology solutions. These three pillars will be our driving forces in the future which is to create our future series of data driven, AI robotic technology known as Aleta.

Each of our solutions is powered by our own proprietary common integrated platform, which creates significant economies and efficiencies of scale. The integrated operating platform is supported by agile and scalable technology and combines robust operating capabilities, including treasury, customisable rule engine and payments processing infrastructure couple with strong compliance and risk management capabilities. Our capabilities span the full spectrum of the payments value chain, from origination and processing to distribution, all attuned to market nuances and regulatory requirements.


MoovPay Global Pte Ltd was founded. Headquartered in Singapore.


Preparation works for our acquirers license with UnionPay International.


Official licensed acquirer appointment by UnionPay International in Singapore.


Establishment of Hong Kong, Dubai offices and Shenzhen technology centre. Remittance license granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


Establishment of the UAE, Cambodia and Australia offices. Appointed as Certified Principal Member of UnionPay International.


Rebranded to Aleta Planet (Phase 1).
Values & vision

Looking ahead

In an ever-evolving world of technology, we always strive to build a sustainable long-term relationship with our merchants and adopt a system of fair, honest and ethical dealings with stakeholders.

Adhering to the highest standards of privacy, data control and security, we aspire to a sustainable, profit-oriented corporate growth.

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